Nonoilen material belongs to Bioplastics advanced materials.

The uniqueness of newly developed multicomponent biodegradable material dwells in its origin as it comes from 100% renewable (biobased) raw materials and at the same time in its optimal properties for plastics production utilization. 


NONOILEN® represents a unique solution in the plastics industry. It meets the strictest current ecological criteria, while it’s products exhibit required application properties.

NONOILEN® is based on polymers coming from 100% renewable sources.  NONOILEN can be biologically decomposed in industrial compost, electric composter, home compost and soil without production of microplastics. Properties of NONOILEN required for various applications can be widely modified by suitable choice of NONOILEN composition.

Prof. Ing. Pavol Alexy, PhD.

Nonoilen is:

  • a new generation of modern biodegradable materials based on polymers from renewable sources
  • the only bioplastic currently present on the market which does not contain synthetic polymers produced from crude oil and simultaneously it is sufficiently tough
  • 100% biodegradable – it`s decomposition is possible in industrial compost, home compost conditions and also in the soil
  • biocompatible
  • similar with its properties to regular plastics like PE, PP, some polyesters etc.
  • stable while being stored or used in the long term. Nonoilen is decomposed only in the biological active environment and products of decomposition do not cause greenhouse effect.

Our goals:

  • Replacing as much single-use plastics packaging with reusable biodegradable materials based on Nonoilen as possible
  • Reducing plastic waste thanks to introduction of material recycling which is possible with Nonoilen (in contrast to other bioplastics which are not recyclable usually)
  • Comprehensive solution of Nonoilen products life cycle in closed loop system for waste recovery without any harmful effects on the environment
  • Continuously extending application segment of Nonoilen in technical applications, automotive, medicine, gastronomy, 3D printing and others
  • Using waste products from other industrial segments as raw material for Nonoilen production
  • Development of cooperation between academic and industrial sectors.

The development of Nonoilen plastics is going forward continuously. The ambition of our whole team is not only to develop ecological plastics production, but also to offer whole system, which will be able to contribute to utilisation of Nonoilen waste in  the most ecological manner – by biodegradation.